Buffalo Meat..

The Buffalo meat has been rapidly growing. The meat is nutritious and has been tested to contain 40% less cholesterol, 55% less calories, 10% more protein minerals and more vitamin then beef.

Beef Meat..

Beef meat is very popular in our country. It contains high vitamins, minerals, proteins and many more. 
We will make sure to give you  the best quality of beef. 

Sea Foodfish..

In these days sea food making his own place in our countries people. 
Sea food provides essentials nutrients to the body. These include vitamin A, B and D, as well as omega-3, Fatty acid.
We will make sure to give you the best quality of Sea Food.

Frozen Chicken..

We are going to launch frozen chicken item very soon.
For example: Chicken Momo, Chap, Hariyali Kabab, Cheese Momo, Chicken Tandori, Reshmi Kabab And many more.

Home Made Food..

We are going provide fresh & healthy Home Made Food. Such as Delicious Cake, Dessert, Lots of Bengali Sweets item, Snakes, Various kind of Biriyani and many more.

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